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Windows Failover Cluster requires a special block size and must be set manually:

  1. Use iSCSI as the storage protocol on SoftNAS, iSCSI Initiator on the MS servers.
  2. You have to create the pools via the GUI, but create the vols via cli to get this.

Example below using a 40G volume and thick provision:


zfs create -V 40G -b 4k pool01/iscsi01 (crate the vol with a 4k block size)

zfs get volblocksize pool01/iscsi01 (verify)

zfs set reservation=40G pool01/iscsi01 (set the reservation size)

zfs get reservation pool01/iscsi01 (verify)

zfs list (verify)

3. Format the volumes to have 4k block size for NTFS. (ZFS uses 128k by default)

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