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  • Up to 10,000 IOPS on Amazon EC2

  • 40,000+ IOPS with SSD cache

SoftNAS’ new patent pending ObjFast™ technology writes data to Amazon S3 Storage up to 200% faster when compared between SoftNAS Cloud® NAS v3.4.9 and v3.5.4. This improvement allows customers to use lower cost cloud object storage backends (AWS S3) with performance levels rivaling that of cloud block storage backends (AWS EBS).

AWS NFS Performance

  • 208% improvement in NFS IOPS using Amazon S3

  • 209% improvement in NFS throughput using Amazon S3

AWS CIFS/SMB Performance

  • 225% improvement in CIFS IOPS on using Amazon S3

  • 219% improvement in CIFS throughput using Amazon S3

AWS iSCSI Performance

  • 221% improvement in iSCSI IOPS using Amazon S3

  • 205% improvement in iSCSI throughput using Amazon S3

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