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SoftNAS Cloud® is available for various industry platforms, with a focus on local storage management interfaces and requirements. Platform-specific configuration will be explained in dedicated sub-sections of this guide, but most SoftNAS Cloud® installations begin the same way.
Note: Regardless of underlying platform, SoftNAS Cloud® will require the ability to access the Internet for software updates, activation, etc. For this case, enabling only outbound TCP traffic to the domain is required.

Setting Up SoftNAS Cloud®

1. Open a web browser and enter the SoftNAS website link in the Address bar.
The SoftNAS home page will be displayed.
2. For a free trial period, click the Try Now option at the bottom of the main screen.
3. Click through for the desired product registration and download if applicable. Follow the wizards and prompts to register and configure a local SoftNAS platform and GUI. Depending on platform chosen, the next steps may differ slightly; however, the steps are designed to be intuitive with industry best practices.
SoftNAS Cloud®, SoftNAS StorageCenter™, SnapReplicate™, and SNAP HA™ are trademarks of SoftNAS Inc.. All other trademarks referred to in this guide are owned by their respective companies.