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Premise (VMware) Instance

To set up your premise based SoftNAS instance/VM, you must first obtain your SoftNAS Platinum license. Instructions for obtaining the required installation files are found here:

Instructions for deploying your SoftNAS instance via .ova on VMware can be found here:

Once your premise based instance has deployed, you can make any required network configurations from within SoftNAS. Instructions for customizing your SoftNAS instance can be found here:

Login to your SoftNAS instance via your browser, by entering the IP address in the format https://xxx.xx.xx.xx/softnas. If your instance is on a private network, you must be on a machine that is part of the network, or connected via VPN

Creating your Public Cloud Instance

SoftNAS UltraFast is available on two cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 

To create an AWS instance:

To create a Microsoft Azure Instance: