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SoftNAS Deployment

Setting up SoftNAS® UltraFast™ is a quick and easy process, beginning with the configuration of a standard SoftNAS® ™ instance on AWS. Creation of a SoftNAS instance in AWS  is covered in detail in SoftNAS Installation Guide: Create and Configure an Instance in AWS. Instructions for setting up an on-premise SoftNAS deployment (VMware) can be found in SoftNAS Installation Guide: Deploying your SoftNAS Instance in VMware vSphere. The process for configuration of your SoftNAS instances (whether Cloud, or on-premise) will not significantly differ from the guidance found in the Installation Guide.There are, however, a few key considerations in order to implement SoftNAS® UltraFast™.

Deployment Scope:

To ensure that SoftNAS Platinum and its components maintain a manageable level of effort, initial testing and documentation will be limited to the deployment scope described below:

  • Premise based deployments will be limited to SoftNAS on VMware.
  • Public Cloud deployments will be limited to SoftNAS on AWS S3 and SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure





SoftNAS 3.6 + UltraFast™ Support


UltraFast™ running on VMware

Public Cloud

UltraFast™ running on AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure


SoftNAS UltraFast™ running as a gateway to SoftNAS fronted AWS S3 storage

System Recommendations:

The following minimum machine specifications are recommended for acceptable performance within your UltraFast™ instances:




  • AWS  or Azure High Networking Minimum
  • 10gbit preferred for best results