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Note: SoftNAS® UltraFast™ is a part of our legacy SoftNAS Platinum offering. It will not be visible in versions above 4.4.1 of our SoftNAS product, and is included here for legacy purposes.

SoftNAS Deployment

Setting up SoftNAS® UltraFast™ is a quick and easy process, beginning with the configuration of a standard SoftNAS® ™ instance on AWS. Creation of a SoftNAS instance in AWS  is covered in detail in SoftNAS Installation Guide: Create and Configure an Instance in AWS. Instructions for setting up an on-premise SoftNAS deployment (VMware) can be found in SoftNAS Installation Guide: Deploying your SoftNAS Instance in VMware vSphere. The process for configuration of your SoftNAS instances (whether Cloud, or on-premise) will not significantly differ from the guidance found in the Installation Guide.There are, however, a few key considerations in order to implement SoftNAS® UltraFast™.

Deployment Scope:

To ensure that SoftNAS Platinum and its components maintain a manageable level of effort, initial testing and documentation will be limited to the deployment scope described below:

  • Premise based deployments will be limited to SoftNAS on VMware.
  • Public Cloud deployments will be limited to SoftNAS on AWS S3 and SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure





SoftNAS 3.6 + UltraFast™ Support


UltraFast™ running on VMware

Public Cloud

UltraFast™ running on AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure


SoftNAS UltraFast™ running as a gateway to SoftNAS fronted AWS S3 storage

System Recommendations:

The following minimum machine specifications are recommended for acceptable performance within your UltraFast™ instances:




  • AWS  or Azure High Networking Minimum
  • 10gbit preferred for best results