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You have an existing SoftNAS instance set up, but you need to migrate it to another VPC in another region. Reasons for this may include:

  • Your instance needs to be moved because you are moving to another region
  • You are creating a new production environment from a staging environment


This knowledge base article covers the basic steps and key considerations when migrating a SoftNAS VPC to another VPC in a different region.


If you need to migrate an existing SoftNAS VPC to another in a different region, the solution is simple:

Set up a new VPC, with the same settings, and same number of EBS disks, in the new region. Follow the instructions found in our Setting up SnapReplicate and SNAP HAas well as our  High-Availability Guide.

Once your high availability pairing is configured, simply replicate to the target node, make it the primary, and you are done. If you do not wish to keep a highly available configuration, simply remove the original VPC from the pairing. 

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