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You have an existing SoftNAS instance set up on VMware vSphere, but you need to migrate it. Reasons for this may include:

  • Your current version of SoftNAS is out-of-date, and cannot be upgraded without migration (your instance is a version of SoftNAS older than 3.3)
  • Your instance needs to be moved because you are moving to another Vmware environment.
  • You are creating a new production environment from a staging environment.


This knowlege base article covers the basic steps and key considerations when migrating a SoftNAS VPC hosted on VMware vSphere to another VPC.


Remember, the old SoftNAS VM does not have to be of the same version as the VM you are migrating to. This process can be used as a migration path for versions of SoftNAS older than 3.3. The VM to which you are migrating to can be the latest version, providing your existing storage pools the benefits of SoftNAS' latest improvements.

    1. In the shell window for the original VM (the one you wish to migrate), run the command:

      zpool export poolname

    2. Power off the old VM to be migrated. Go to VI client on the VM, and select Edit Settings.

    3. Before you remove the vmdk, note down the data store that it resides in. 

    4. Select the vmdk, and click Remove.

    5. Be careful NOT to select the option to "...delete files from disk".

    6. If you have not already done so, create the new SoftNAS VM that the storage pools will be migrated to. Guidance on creating a SoftNAS VM for VMware can be found in the Vmware vSphere chapter of our Installation Guide. Select the new VM in the Vmware console, and click Edit Settings.
    7. Click Add Hardware, and select Hard Disk. Click Next.

    8. ChooseUse an existing virtual disk. Click Next.

  1. Change directory to your storage pool, and verify that your data is ok. You can also log onto your new SoftNAS instance to view your pool there.

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