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The SoftNAS StorageCenter administration interface provides you an easy and quicker access to various components and modules of the SoftNAS application. 
The various components of SoftNAS StorageCenter interface are as follows:

 StorageCenter Navigation Pane

The StorageCenter Navigation Pane provides access to the core components and modules of the SoftNAS application. Simply click the required option in the navigation pane to open the related panel in the right section of the screen.


The Dashboard provides a quick summary of the key statistics and performance indicators.

For more information, refer to the following link.

Managing Dashboard


The Storage is one of the core sections of SoftNAS StorageCenter. It has the modules to configure Volumes and Luns, Storage Pools, CIFS Shares, NFS Exports, Disk Devices, ISCSI LUN Targets, ISCSI LUN Initiators and File System.

For more information, refer to the following link.

Working with Storage

UltraFast™ Storage Accelerator (Platinum)

SoftNAS® UltraFast™ provides high speed data transfer, accelerating storage traffic up to 20x compared to TCP/IP network transmission speeds. Unlike WAN acceleration products, SoftNAS UltraFast is an intelligent, self-tuning storage acceleration technology over the WAN, based on UDP, that is designed to address latency, congestion, poor QoS and slow data replication speeds, without redesigning or changing applications, networks or storage. Bandwidth Scheduling enables throughput and bandwidth throttling schedules to regulate network traffic and prioritize bandwidth use.

For more information, refer to the following link.

SoftNAS® UltraFast™

SnapReplicate/SNAP HA

The SnapReplicate provides a simple yet powerful means of defining a replication relationship between two SoftNAS controllers - the source node and the target node.

For more information, refer to the following link.

Managing SnapReplicate

FlexFiles (Platinum)

SoftNAS® Cloud Platinum edition is an integrated global cloud data platform, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance; high-speed data transfer up to 20x faster accelerating data migrations, backups and data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally. Customers save time and money while increasing efficiency.  Along with UltraFast, Enterprise includes FlexFiles and its components.

For more information on SoftNAS Cloud Platinum and its components, refer to the following link.

SoftNAS Cloud Platinum


The Settings section allows you to configure many general and advanced and performance configurations common to all platforms. It has the modules to configure Schedules, Change Password, Kerberos, Firewall, Licensing, Network Settings, General System Settings, System Services, System Time and Software Updates.

For more information, refer to the following link.

Working with Settings


The Documentation section has all the links to all the documents of the SoftNAS application. You can find the links to the Installation and Reference guides of the application. You can also use the Getting Started helper in this section to quickly configure the required steps.

Tabbed Panels

The Tabbed Panels section displays all the panels that are opened. You can navigate to any panel by simply clicking the title of the required panel in this section. To close a panel, simply click the close (X) button of that panel.


The Toolbar is available in several modules of the SoftNAS application. Based on the module, the tools in the toolbar are specific to each of those modules.

Panel Workspace

The Panel Workspace is the area in the panel where you perform several actions specific to the module. All the changes made to the module are displayed in this area.

Support Chat

SoftNAS Cloud now offers in-app support chat functionality. By clicking the above icon, you can obtain help with any issue you may have from an available support agent in moments.