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Set up SNAP HA™ in any VMWare virtualized environment. In order to set up SNAP HA™ the following is required:

  • Two SoftNAS® controller nodes for replication and their corresponding IP addresses (DNS names) and networking credentials.
  • a virtual IP within the storage VLAN subnet (see HA Design Principles for more information).
  • An additional SoftNAS SNAP HA™ Controller node is required. This node is necessary, as it acts as a 3rd party witness and controller to all SNAP HA™ failover and takeover operations.
  • Replication must be set up between the two SoftNAS® controller nodes.

For more information about SNAP HA™ networking best practices, see section HA Design Principles.

For more information about common SoftNAS® installation procedures, see the document SoftNAS Installation Guide.

Setting Up SNAP HA™ for VMWare

After the above networking requirements have been fulfilled, SNAP HA™ may be set up.

  1. Navigate to the SoftNAS StorageCenter™ interface of the primary node.

  2. From the SoftNASSnapReplicate™ panel click on Add Snap HA.
  3. Enter the virtual IP of an unassigned VIP address in the storage VLAN subnet. Click on Next.

  4. Add the static IP of a third SoftNAS® virtual machine that will act as the HA Controller. It is recommended that this machine be deployed in fault tolerant mode. 

  5. Click on Next.

  6. Click on Finish.