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Configure SNAP HA™ to perform Manual Takeovers and Givebacks.

Setting Up Manual Takeover and Giveback

When a takeover is initiated, the SNAP HA™ Controller will ensure that data is not being written to a node in the process of a switch over. This will avoid the split brain condition.

The HA controller will authorize the switch over, reassign the IPs, and change the primary/secondary designation for the SoftNAS® instances. Also, as part of the takeover the problematic instance is shutdown.


  1. From the SoftNAS StorageCenter™ interface of the good node, navigate to the SnapReplicate™ panel.

  2. Click on Actions>Takeover. Confirm at the prompt. 


  3. The takeover process begins. This process will shut down the source node and allow the target to take over as primary. After the process has completed successfully, the good node will display as the HA Primary. 

  4. After the problematic node has been fixed, bring the node back up. 


After rebooting the node shut down by the takeover process, perform a Giveback from the secondary instance to allow the SNAP HA™ controller to safely and securely perform the switch over to protect data integrity.

  1. From the SoftNAS SnapReplicate™ screen, click on Giveback.

  2. Confirm the action by clicking Yes.