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SoftNAS® for VMware vSphere requires a license purchased from SoftNAS® for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are licensed through subscription plans and do not require further activation.

SoftNAS® is available as a SoftNAS® Free Trial with the potential for up to 20 TB of storage. To gain access to additional storage capacity and features and personalize a SoftNAS® product after installation, be sure to activate SoftNAS® using the license key found in the administrator's customer control panel. 

To activate a SoftNAS® product :

  1. Collect the credentials via reference email received after signing up with Buurst. Alternatively, log in to the Buurst Customer Portal and find a pre-assigned license key there.
  2. Log in to SoftNAS StorageCenter.
  3. From the Getting Started tab, click step 4: Activate License Key and click Configure Now. Alternatively, simply click on the Licensing category in the Storage Administration Menu.


    A License Warning will pop up, encouraging a Static IP for the network. This may be completed as is convenient. 
  4. Refer to the email received after initial login and download with the License Key and License Owner credentials. Enter these values into the appropriate fields. 

    Copy/Pasting the string from one medium to another is the best way to avoid data entry errors. 

Before Activation

  1. Internet Explorer Extended Security Configuration (ESC) must be disabled before activating if applicable. ESC interferes with normal Javascript operation and is not supported. If ESC is enabled, activation will not operate correctly, so be sure to verify it is disabled.
  2. To move a SoftNAS® license to a different machine. please contact our support team. We will help with deactivating an old license and activating it on a new machine.
  3. If using SnapReplicate between two SoftNAS® nodes, then a unique license key must be purchased for each node. In the Storage Administration pane, expand Settings to find Licensing

  4. Click Activate New License.
    The license is activated. 

Note: The license activation associates a SoftNAS® license to the IP address (VMware vSphere) or EC2 instance (Amazon EC2).
This IP address (or EC2 instance ID) is fixed and will not change during normal production operation. 

Manual Activation

In cases where SoftNAS® does not have outbound Internet access (for security or other reasons), the license must be activated manually.

Note: For manual activation, please contact Buurst Support and we will provide a unique Activation Code that can be entered to manually activate SoftNAS®.

Automatic Recurring Subscription Updates

Once per month or year, depending on SoftNAS® subscription period, SoftNAS® will automatically contact the SoftNAS® license activation server to verify the renewal of a subscription. If it was renewed successfully, the new license key will be automatically downloaded and activated.

Note: Please ensure that SoftNAS® has outbound Internet access for auto renewal to take place.

License Grace Period

In the event SoftNAS® is running In a production environment and its license expires, it will enter the grace period. During this grace period, all functions continue to be available, and each login to access the StorageCenter UI will prompt a license expiration warning notice reminder (e.g., SoftNAS® not connected to Internet, credit card on file failed or expired, etc.). An email notification will have already been sent to the administrator about renewal at this point.

Note: The grace period defaults to one week (7 days) for all monthly and annual licenses for SoftNAS®, providing ample time to resolve any license renewal issues. If there is a billing error, once that is corrected, the system will automatically download and install the renewed license key. In environments operating SoftNAS® without an Internet connection, it is recommended to use the annual subscription method, so it is only necessary to enter a license key once a year (or license SoftNAS® for multiple years if preferred).