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In order to log in to SoftNAS® for an EC2-based network, go to the Instances page and select the instance to connect to. To create a new instance, consult the Create and Configure An Instance in AWS section of this guide.

The bottom half of the screen will show various details about this instance. Note the IP address and the Instance ID. Both of these items will be required for initial login.

  1. In a web browser, enter the Public IP or Elastic IP address (they should be the same as per [ Elastic IP Address|Elastic and Virtual IP Addresses0]) in the format *https://\[instanceip\]*
  2. Enter softnas as the user ID. (Root logins are defaulted as disabled for security reasons - use sudo su to become root on Amazon EC2 systems.)

    Note: Do not use root to log into your softnas instance, as this can place your deployment at risk by allowing linux settings to take precedence over SoftNAS defaults.
  3. The default password is the string in the Instance ID field. Copy/paste the entire field for convenience and foolproof data entry.
  4. Consult the SoftNAS®Configuration| section to continue with storage management settings.