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Welcome to SoftNAS' Documentation Portal! 

SoftNAS Documentation made easy!

On this page, we hope to provide you with everything you need to get up and running with SoftNAS in one quick stop. We all know Google is a friend, and that you love it when the right content is found the moment you look for it. Well...our little page is like that, but better. Gather everything you need, when you need it, how you need it. Not just lonely files in the ether. An illuminating index of interesting information at your fingertips!

Getting Started on SoftNAS

Getting Started on SoftNAS:

Creating a Highly Available POC on AWS

Getting Started on SoftNAS:

Creating a Highly Available POC on Azure

Getting Started on SoftNAS:

Creating a Highly Available POC on VMware

Know your Documentation Space

SoftNAS Documentation has been split into categories based on platform, and task or function. We feel this better reflects how our users actually use our product, and prevents lengthy, unfruitful searches. You will note under Quick Navigation that each category is listed, and you can be taken to each with a simple click of the link. Confluence, however is known for it's search functionality. If you know what you are looking for, you can always type it in the search bar on the menu bar at the top.

Exporting Pages

Exporting a single page or article is a simple process. When you find the article you want to export as a PDF or Word Document, simply select the Options icon, and select Export to PDF or Export to Word.

You can also export all pages within the space you have permissions to, or select the pages you want to export. To export multiple pages, you will instead select View in Hierarchy.

In View Hierarchy, you will see the page you are currently on listed in the hierarchy of available pages, in a view called Space Tools. Click the Export Tab.

In the Export Tab, select PDF as your export format, and click Next.

Next, select whether you simply want to perform a normal or custom export.

1) A normal export will export the entire space. (Somewhere, a tree pleads for his life.) Click Export, and you will begin the export immediately. 

2) A custom export allows you to select the pages you wish to export. Selecting Custom Export will expand the page, allowing you to perform an additional step - selecting the pages you wish to export.

Click Export, and the process will complete. A download link for your PDF will be provided. 

Note: For best results, do not select more than one topic at the same hierarchy level. If separate topics at the same level are selected, the export will not know which topic to use as the title, and will super-impose one title over the other on the cover page. 

Quick navigation

Click the links below to be taken directly to your relevant documentation. Review documentation by topic, or by platform!

Useful links

SoftNAS Support and Knowledge BaseSupport Contact Information and knowledge base articles for task specific help and known issues.
SoftNAS on AWS Video Playlist

All current video content for SoftNAS on AWS, including setup and configuration how-tos, and more.

SoftNAS for Microsoft Azure Video PlaylistAll current video content for SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure, including setup and configuration how-tos, and more.

Flex Files Video playlist

Coming soon...
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