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Amazon Web Services provides underlying block-storage devices, namely Elastic Block Storage (EBS), which can be organized into RAID configurations to increase performance and throughput, providing recovery protection from underlying physical disk failures.

SoftNAS® for AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a virtual cloud storage appliance, providing trusted, commercial-grade NAS capabilities for EC2 cloud business computing workloads. EC2 workloads include web servers, SaaS applications, SQL database servers, Exchange servers, Windows Remote Desktop Servers, Citrix XenApp servers, etc. SoftNAS® for EC2 provides the flexible, full-featured storage capabilities for trusted cloud computing applications. 

SoftNAS® for EC2 leverages flexible Elastic IP addresses, making it fast and easy to fail over across availability zones and regions (i.e., different data centers). It's also straightforward to quickly replicate a SoftNAS® instance from one availability zone to other geographic regions, so that data is always available and performs well for geographically local users and communities. 
Because SoftNAS® for EC2 uses Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Amazon S3 object storage for raw data storage, backup and restore operations are fast and easy using EBS Volume Snapshots


The Amazon EC2 cloud computing environment, which will be referred to simply as EC2 in this guide, is a robust, powerful virtualization and computing system with many options and capabilities. For our purposes here, we will focus on installing SoftNAS® and configuring it for basic use. Additional options exist for increasing performance and throughput, for database and other, more demanding applications, which will be covered briefly. 

In an Amazon EC2 or other cloud computing environment, SoftNAS® provides the network storage backbone needed for business-critical cloud applications.

SoftNAS® for EC2 leverages EBS (Elastic Block Storage) as its underlying block storage devices. Multiple EBS devices are then organized into RAID configurations, increasing performance and throughput, and providing the ability to recover from underlying physical disk failures that can occur with EBS. SoftNAS® provides the most durable, highest performance NAS solution available for Amazon EC2. 

Product and Installation Options

SoftNAS® provides the following applicable products: 

    • SoftNAS® Developer Edition
    • SoftNAS®

  1. In addition we offer:

    • SoftNAS® BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

Contact Buurst for more information on BYOL licenses.






SoftNAS® Developer Edition

The full capabilities of SoftNAS for free up to 250 gigabytes

250 GB Max

Subscribe via AWS Marketplace.

Embedded in platform subscription or BYOL available from SoftNAS.

SoftNAS® SoftNAS®  solves many problems like: bulk data transfers, Lift & Shift of applications and data to the cloud, saving customers money on expensive cloud storage costs and data integration and digital transformation.
1 TB10 TB20 TB50 TBConsumptionSubscribe via AWS Marketplace. Embedded in platform subscription or BYOL available from SoftNAS.
SoftNAS BYOLSofNAS offers a bring your own license option for flexibility.

Here you will find all content relevant to planning your instance for SoftNAS® on Amazon Web Services: