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Here you will create your AWS account, and in the pages linked below, configure environmental prerequisites to a high availability SoftNAS® deployment. The steps in the guide below will allow you to create your first instance, ready for high availability, and deployable in a public or private subnet. 

You can also watch the video to the right to get insight into what is involved.

        • If you do not yet have an AWS account, select Create a new account in the top right corner. If you do have an AWS account, skip to the end of this page, and prepare your environment.

        • Select Create a New AWS Account.

        • Enter your email, password, and desired account name.
        • Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

        • Provide your personal information include your name, address, and phone number.

        • Next, you will be asked for credit card details. Credit card information is required to pay for any services above and beyond AWS free access, as well as to verify your identity. 

        • You will then be asked to verify your account by phone or by text. Upon filling in your details, a code will be texted to your phone number, or an automated call will be made, and you will be asked to enter the code provided on your screen. 

        • Enter the code received when prompted. 
        • Upon successful verification, your account is active and ready.

        • Optional questions regarding your role and interests can then be answered, and you can then open the console, logging into your new account.

Having created your account, you are now able to prepare the environment for your SoftNAS deployment. The following prerequisites should be configured before selecting and creating your instance. Open a second browser tab or window and perform the following tasks:


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