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About SoftNAS Cloud®

SoftNAS Cloud® is a hybrid cloud data integration product with high speed data transfer, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance; high-speed bulk data transfer with up to 20x faster data transfer rates compared to TCP/IP and accelerates data migrations, backups and data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally. Customers save time and money while increasing efficiency.

SoftNAS Cloud® supports the following platforms:

  • Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2® and Microsoft® Azure™
  • On-premise Computing Infrastructure such as VMware vSphere®.

SoftNAS Cloud® is offered with three licensing options, each delivering value and performance to meet the needs of our clients:

SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum

SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum offers the complete package, providing a full featured, no compromise enterprise NAS as a virtual appliance, as well as premium data services. It offers high speed bulk data transfers that can operate using standard, non-proprietary network connections, drag-and-drop data integration and ingestion, automated data migration and synchronization between multiple locations, point and click cloud data migration (via Lift and Shift™), and includes support for programmatic interfaces and integration into home-grown applications: REST APIs and automation tools.

With Platinum, you can connect all your business data in the cloud, regardless of type or location.

SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise

SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise offers file services for mission-critical data where active/hot, highly available storage is required. It is ideal for SaaS enabling business applications, high performance web, video and content publishing, user and desktop profiles, Dev/test environments, and more. Enterprise allows you the flexibility to dial up or down the performance as required, with general, high performance and extreme performance editions.

Architecture and Technology

SoftNAS Cloud® runs as a Linux®-based, 64-bit CentOS redistribution guest OS treated as a VM in a virtual server environment. In many use cases, storage devices are attached to the physical hardware layer, then presented to SoftNAS Cloud® as a VM running Linux.

SoftNAS Cloud®  operates on an industry-standard Linux platform, and uses a derivative of the Zettabyte File System® (ZFS), an open-source project originally released on OpenSolaris® by Sun Microsystems, Inc. This makes SoftNAS Cloud® able to leverage many ZFSfeatures and add layers of functionality for NAS solutions in virtual computing and cloud computing.

An Apache webserver provides robust, secure access along with Secure Shell® (SSH). Storage is accessible via TCP/IP protocols including NFS v3, NFS v4, SMB/CIFS (Microsoft® Windows File Shares), and iSCSI. 

Also integrated into SoftNAS Cloud® is Apache NiFi technology, providing powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic.

SoftNAS Cloud® is packaged with a primary administration interface called SoftNAS StorageCenter™, which provides commercial-grade storage administration and management functionalities for businesses of all sizes. 

Cloud Computing:

SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise  provides the highly-available network storage backbone needed for business-critical cloud applications in the following environments:

Premise-Based Computing:

SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise  installs from a download to act as a virtual server appliance. Run as many instances of SoftNAS Cloud® VM as are needed in any of the following environments:

SoftNAS Cloud®SoftNAS StorageCenter™SnapReplicate™, and SNAP HA™ are trademarks of SoftNAS Inc. All other trademarks referred to in this guide are owned by their respective companies.

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