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  1. Launch a SoftNAS AMI from the Community or Market Place as you normally would
  2. Next, ssh into the instance and delete this file --> /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
  3. Next, Shutdown the instance
  4. Detach current root volume
  5. Create a snapshot of the detached root volume
  6. Create a new volume from the snapshot with "Encryption" enabled. NOTE: be sure to select the same AZ your instance in on and check the Encryption button! then select the default master key ((default) aws/ebs)

  7. Attach the newly created root Volume with EBS encryption to the instance as /dev/sda1

  8. Create AMI image of the instance (named something like Encrypted SoftNAS AMI)
  9. After creating the new AMI is done, create a new instance with the "Encrypted SoftNAS AMI"
  10. Now any instances created with this AMI will have the root volume encrypted.