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  1. First, configure storage on the on-premise (VMware) instance. This is the storage that will serve as the source data to be replicated to the Cloud. Configure ZFS disks, storage pools and volumes as described in the latter half of  VMware: Getting Started with SoftNAS Cloud.

  2. Configure Cloud Storage, also as described in the Local Storage information mentioned above. Configure disks, and the storage pool to mirror the Premise instance, but do not configure volumes. Again, if the instance is not yet configured as an UltraFast instance, apply the custom update via the custom update URL.

  3. Create a connection from the UltraFast™ source (Premise) to the public-facing Internet IP address of the UltraFast target (Cloud).

  4. Configure SnapReplicate, by navigating to SnapReplicate/SNAP HA™ from the Storage Administration panel

  5. Click Add Replication, click Next on the welcome screen.

  6. Provide the public IP address of your replication target, and complete the remainder of the wizard, similar to the process used for configuring UltraFast™.

    If SnapReplicate™ is unable to operate, perform the following troubleshooting:

  7. TBD
    Monitor performance in the UltraFast™ performance dashboard. Set up Speedtest,  and compare results according to instructions in Comparing Results: UltraFast vs TCP.