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  • SoftNAS Cloud Essentials - Low-cost and high performance cloud storage repositories for cloud backup, disaster recovery and archive for secondary data.
  • SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise - Full-featured, enterprise cloud NAS filer for primary data using either block, object or both types of storage.
  • SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Integrated, global cloud data platform with high speed data transfer, Lift & Shift, and storage auto-tiering of aged data.
  • SoftNAS Cloud BYOL – purchase a license from SoftNAS Sales, unlimited licenses available for large-scale solutions.

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Having selected your AMI, you will next choose an instance type.  We have selected an instance size of r5.2xlarge in order to allow for a variety of deployment options, up to and including Platinum features. SoftNAS offers a sizing tool to help users find the right size for their individual workload, which can be found here: