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It is strongly recommended to limit traffic to your SoftNAS instances to known IP addresses, to ensure security, especially if leveraging a public IP address.  As it is strongly recommended to use the internal IP address when configuring SnapReplicate™ and SNAP HA, and as you will not yet have the internal IP addresses of your instances when creating the initial instance in an HA pair, it may be more expedient to configure the security group after instance creation. Also, if  If you have restricted HTTPS traffic to your local IP address, you may need to later alter the Security Group if your local IP address changes, as this restriction may prevent access to your instance. Also, additional rules will also have to be configured if Platinum features will be leveraged. More information on configuring your security group for individual Platinum features can be found in the link below: 

Security Groups for Platinum Features

To edit the rules assigned to your Security Group for a given SoftNAS Cloud on AWS instance, the easiest way to find the correct Security Group is to:

    1. Select the instance in question from the EC2 Console, under Instances.
    2. Then find the Security Group column by scrolling all the way to the left, and click the Security Group.