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  1. Go to your browser, and log into the first VM in your pairing. Let's call it Node A.  Once logged in, navigate to SnapReplicate/SNAP HA in the left hand panel called Storage Administration.

    SnapReplicate and SNAP HA

  2. Click Replicate Now.  Confirm completion of the replication.

    Click Replicate Now

  3. Once replication is confirmed, return to Node A,  and navigate to the SnapReplicate / SNAP HA menu.  Click Action and then Deactivate.

    Deactivate Replication
  4. Next, in your browser once more, enter the IP of Node B, and log in.  Navigate to Settings/Software Updates and click Apply UpdateConfirm the opdate is successful and refresh the browser.
  5. Return to Node A via your browser, and log back in (if not still logged in). Again, navigate to the SnapReplicate/SNAP HA menu.  Click Action and then Activate.

  6. Move to Node B (via another browser tab or window, and navigate to the SnapReplicate/SNAP HA menu.  Click Action and then TakeoverNode A will shut down and Node B will be promoted to Primary.

  7. In the AWS console (or VMware Vsphere, if applicable), start Node AConfirm Node A is up, then proceed to the next step.
  8. Once back on Node B, navigate to the SnapReplicate/SNAP HA menu. Click Action and then Deactivate. In some versions below 3. 4.92.5, you might find that the Deactivate button is grayed out. If so, simply click Activate, then Deactivate.

    Deactivate Replication

  9. Open the SoftNAS web UI for Node A, navigate to Settings/Software Updates and click Apply Update.
  10. Confirm the Update is successful and refresh the browser.
  11. Open your browser to the SoftNAS web UI for Node B, and navigate to the SnapReplicate/SNAP HA menu.  Click Action and then Activate.
  12. The system will then automatically synchronize via a delta sync. If no sync image is available, the system will require a manual force sync.