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SoftNAS Cloud® provides a robust set of software RAID capabilities for non-durable disk drives when there is no hardware protection. Software RAID is best used in scenarios where raw disk devices are attached directly to SoftNAS. Software RAID is not recommended for object storage (S3), AWS EBS Volumes, and disks behind hardware RAID controllers. There are use cases in which RAID 0 (and nothing beyond RAID 0) can provide some redundancy and performance benefits. Consult with SoftNAS support before deciding to leverage software RAID 0. 

Software RAID options include RAID 1 and RAID 10 mirrors, RAID 5 (single parity), RAID 6 (dual parity) and even RAID 7 (triple parity) support. It also includes hot spare drive capabilities and the ability to hot-swap spares into operation to replace a failed drive. RAID 10 (striped mirrors) and RAID 6 (dual-parity) are generally recommended for the best balance of read/write I/O performance and fault tolerance. Use RAID 10 for the most performance-sensitive storage pools (e.g., SQL Server, Virtual Desktop Server) and RAID 6 for high-capacity, high-performance applications (e.g., Exchange Server) as it provides the highest write IOPS.