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Setting up SNAPReplicate™ provides replication of data between SoftNAS Cloud®SoftNAS® instances for greater redundancy. SNAP HATM, on the other hand, adds an additional layer of protection by providing load balancing between SoftNAS Cloud®SoftNAS® instances.

For in-depth information on SoftNAS High Availability functions, consult the SoftNAS High Availability Guide.


  • Deploy 2 instances into the private subnets (into different regions for greater redundancy)

Launching SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® Platforms

  • Configure SoftNAS SNAPReplicate™.


Once the StorageCenter interface has been accessed, set up the Disk DevicesStorage Pools, and Volumes that will be required for HA.

Note: When setting up storage pools for replication, they have to have the same name. Otherwise, replication will not work properly. Also, create a volume on the source-side node.