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Once volumes are created, attach or detach volumes to an instance.

Attach a Volume

  1. To do so, on the Volumes page, select the volume to be attached to an instance.

  2. From the Actions drop down list, select Attach Volume.

    The Attach Volume dialog will be displayed. 

  3. Select the instance to be attached from the Instance drop down list.
    Enter a device name for the EBS volume; e.g., /dev/sdf1, /dev/sdp15. Refer to EBS Volumes and Device Mappingfor more information on how best to allocate EBS volume device names.

  4. Click Attach

The volume is now attached to a SoftNAS Cloud® instance.

Detach a Volume

Detach a volume from the attached instance.

  1. Select the volume to be detached from the instance.

  2. From the Actions drop down list, click Detach Volume

    WARNING - BE CAREFUL: Do not detach volumes from an active SoftNAS Cloud® instance unless the volume will be moving to a new instance, in which case, re-attach the EBS volumes and Import to regain access to data.

    The Detach Volume message box asking to confirm the dissociation of address with the specific instance will be displayed.

  3. Click Yes, Detach. The selected volume will be detached from the instance.

Delete a Volume

Note: Permanent data loss can occur when EBS volumes are deleted.