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As a first time user, the primary goals are simply to see the product in action, to determine its capabilities, and then to determine the requirements. This document will focus on providing you a functional instance, sharing a CIFS volume. It will also provide the additional steps to create a 2nd virtual machine and configure high availability, if you so choose. This basic setup will allow you to test the key features of SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise, while providing a baseline for your production requirements. 

Note: The  The guidance in the following document applies equally to all editions of SoftNAS Cloud® (Enterprise, Platinum and Essentials), however, bear in mind the limitations of Essentials, notably that Essentials is object storage only, and currently does not provide high availability. However, the process of creating your instance, configuring disks, pools and volumes are the same. 

Note: Platinum features are not in scope for this Getting Started Guide, however, the setup presented here will provide a strong foundation for your platinum deployment. Simply remember to select the Platinum Edition if you plan to test or deploy Platinum features.