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SmartTiers™ RAM guidance update - Guidance on provisioning your SoftNAS Cloud instance for a SmartTiers™ use case can be found here: RAM Sizing Guidance for SmartTiers™ 

SmartTiers UI Storage Sizing Discrepancy - An issue in the Beta version where the UI reported inconsistency inconsistency in the sizes of SmartTier and underlying storage (ie two pools configured to the same size showing different totals) has been resolved.

Add S3 Disk behind proxy issue - An issue when attempting to add an S3 disk from behind a proxy would result in an error message has been resolved. 

S3  Self-Configured  Disk Endpoint overwrite issue - An issue where the provided http:// endpoint information in the self-configured disk wizard was being overwritten by https:// (and breaking the link) has been resolved. 

Disk encryption issue on NVME instances - An issue when adding encryption upon creating EBS disks on NVME instances would result in an error message has been resolved. 

AD Join erroneous message issue - An issue in which when joining AD via the UI on your SoftNAS instance would show the "Resolving domain name, please wait..." message despite AD join success has been resolved. 

Thick-provisioned Volume increase size issue - An issue in which increasing the size of a thick-provisioned volume would result in an error has been resolved. 

Upgrade hanging issue - An issue in which NVME instances using L2-ARC read cache would hang and display the "Please wait while server is starting" message after upgrading to previous versions has been resolved. 

CIFS/SMB Security and Access Control Unknown parameter 'user' issue - Removed the "Possible user" and "Possible Group" from Webmin to avoid conflicts, and prevent faulty setup configurations. 

Faulty Azure HA.ini script values issue - Resolved an issue where non-numeric values in the 'HAMONITOR_SECS' and 'NO_OF_RETRY' fields were not handled, resulting in take-over failures. 

Azure SNAP HA with VNet in separate Resource Group fix - An issue in which Azure SNapHA setup would fail if the VNet was in a different Resource Group than the SoftNAS instance has been resolved. 

Snapvol files requiring manual deletion issue - A condition where deleted volumes in a SnapRep/HA left stale SnapReplicate™ snapshots that could result in a failed takeover has been resolved. 

Errata for 4.1

Large Log Files on UltraFast™/Lift and Shift™ instances - Larger than expected log files have been reported on instances running Lift and Shift with UltraFast. While SoftNAS is continuing to monitor the situation, but have observed no ill effects. 


Azure Add Disk Limitation - If your user name belongs to multiple subscriptions, adding disk devices will not function. 
Recommended Action: Create a service principal under the desired subscription, and use the service principal to add disk devices. 

Password Save unavailable on Chrome - If logging into your instance on the Chrome browser, the browser will not offer to save your password. 

Directory Lift and Shift™ root folder display issue - If creating folders within the Directory Lift and Shift™ flow data store, and you are still on the root folder, the description in the browse tab will read 'undefined', rather than showing the path to the target volume. This will be resolved in an upcoming release. 

Directory Lift and Shift™ source volume data calculation issue - When creating a Directory Lift and Shift™ flow, and data cost is first calculated based on existing data, the values will be correct. However, if you revisit the wizard after adding more data, the data cost calculation will not reflect the changes. 

Directory Lift and Shift™ Advanced Disk Configuration UI issue - When the user creates a new Lift and Shift™ flow, and selects EBS disk and Maximum Disk Size within Advanced Disk Configuration, the Maximum Disk Size value resets upon selecting "Type". 

Directory Lift and Shift™ button display issue - Upon adding additional mappings under step 6 of a directory level flow creation ('Configure (Map) Source to Target Volumes'), the 'Update' and 'Cancel' buttons are improperly aligned. This will be resolved in an upcoming release. 

Volume Lift and Shift™ Verification issue - When creating a Volume Lift and Shift and selecting target volumes, creating target storage via the automated process, the 'Verify' option is available prior to any created mappings. The expected behavior is that this button should be disabled until the user has a volume mapping created to verify. This will be resolved in an upcoming release. 

Lift and Shift™ flow removal display issue - If a flow fails, presenting an error, the user can remove the flow. However, due to background operations to pause and delete the flow, the flow may not show as deleted for up to 20 minutes. 

FlexFiles on Firefox issue - Upon first attempt to use FlexFiles and associated NiFi functionality on the Firefox browser, the user will receive a "Your connection is not secure" message. 
Recommended Action: Under Firefox settings,  open the  FlexFiles Architect frame in a new tab and  using Add Exception, add an exception.

Unable to add second NIC without reboot - If deploying instances without adding the second Network interface at the outset, then adding the Network interface after the fact via script/command line, the second NIC will not be active until after a reboot. 
Recommended Action: Reboot the instance, or use the following command to activate the NIC without reboot: 
echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan