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  1. Go to the Azure portal.
  2. In the left pane, click Create a resource.
  3. Search and deploy Domain Services by typing it into the search bar.

  4. Next, click on Create Azure Domain Services, to start the deployment process.

  5. On the next page, define your AD services name by providing the name of your choice. For this guide, we selected 'softnassupport.local', however, it can be anything you choose, such as ''.  Select your subscription account, Resource group and the location you would like to deploy your AD Services in.

  6. Next, we will configure the network which our AD services would be part of. It is recommended that you create a dedicated subnet for use with this domain service. After the domain service is created you will not be able to modify the subnet.

  7. Now you can add the users that you would like to administer the domain services to the ADDC administrative group. 

  8. Verify and deploy.

  9. After the deployment is complete; DNS can now be configured to allow other VM clients to join to our AD services.

    Note: All virtual machines within the VNET that you deployed your AD services in must be restart restarted to update their DNS server settings.

  10. Next, we will enable password synchronization to Azure AD Domain Services. This is a very important step, as Users cannot bind using secure LDAP or sign in to the managed domain until this step is completed. Complete this step according to the type of users in your Azure AD directory. If you have a mix of cloud-only and synced user accounts in your Azure AD directory, please complete both sets of instructions.

    1. Instructions for cloud-only user accounts
    2. Instructions for synced user accounts

  11. Now you are all set to add SoftNAS to AD. Please follow the instructions here to continue.