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  • Integrated Global Cloud Data Platform

    SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum is a global integrated cloud data platform, combining enterprise-class cloud NAS, high speed data transfer and data integration/replication functionality into a single product, eliminating the high costs and overall need of integrating third party point products

  • Enterprise-Class Cloud NAS Built In

    Create a seamless storage environment on-premises and in the cloud to create a single source of truth for data in an enterprise.

  • Code Free Data Integration
    Using a powerful FlexFiles drag-and-drop data integration platform (based on Apache NiFi), customers can integrate disparate data sources, route data and perform sophisticated data analysis without the need to write custom, brittle integration code or to use third party data integration products.

  • Maximize Data Transfer Rates of Existing WAN Links
    Reduce costs and eliminate the need for expensive WAN link upgrades or WAN optimizers.

  • Live Data Migration
    Instead of using offline data transfer technologies, such as shipping servers or racks of disks, which requires freezing production data, Live Data Migration with SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum enables data migration to the cloud while running live data on your on-premises storage. No system downtime is required when migrating data with SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum.

  • Highly Configurable
    Deploy SoftNAS Cloud NAS on more than 140 virtual machine types and across 6 storage backends in the public cloud for optimum balance of price vs. performance. Deploy on VMware vSphere hosts for on-premises storage on customer owned or leased hardware systems. Optimize SoftNAS UltraFast™ data transfer acceleration for your network, adjusting latency, packet loss, throughput, congestion and QoS. Choose from more than 100 Apache NiFi data integration processors, or create your own.

  • Secure
    SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum is secured through SSL, SSH, HTTPS and at rest and in-flight data encryption. SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum also includes role-based authentication and authorization.

  • Flexible
    Supports existing and legacy storage hardware and works with any storage type: object storage, SSD, SAN, VMware VSAN, AWS S3, Azure Blob and native cloud storage.

  • Centralized Data Management
    Simplify data management by managing all data centrally, even if data resides on-premises or in the public cloud, through SoftNAS Cloud®Cloud's StorageCenter console.

  • Automatable
    Full REST API and CLI support for popular automation tools, including Puppet, Chef and Ansible, as well as AWS CloudFormation templates and Azure Resource Manager templates.

  • Easy to Deploy
    SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum is designed for use by IT generalists, eliminating steep learning curves.