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  1. Select the type of disk you wish to create, based on the target instance type.
  2. Enter the required account credentials (or storage account credentials for Azure) you want to use. 
  3. Enter in the size of the disk(s) and number you want to create on the Target.

    Note: It is recommended you increase the size of the target disk devices by 20% to ensure adequate space for any overhead. 

    Helpful Hint: Before you select Create, go to the Target and make sure you have enough disk resources available to build the number of drives you have specified.

  4. After you target disk(s) have been created, select Target Pools to create the pools to use on the target node.  Enter the Pool name, then select and add the newly created disks.

  5. Select Target Volumes to proceed to creating the actual volumes on the Target.
  6. Enter the Volume name and select the magnifying glass to get a list of the available Storage Pools.
  7. Enter the type of volume as well as other volume options you may want on the Target.