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  • AMI selection – How much storage does your POC instance require? Will SoftNAS Cloud Essentials meet your needs, or do you wish to emulate a more flexible production environment?
  • Instance Size – What performance characteristics do you require? A great deal of RAM to handle large-scale data storage? Processing power (vCPU) to handle encryption or compression?
  • Storage – What performance characteristics do you require from your storage? Is it an infrequently accessed archive? Is it a database serving a demanding application?
  • Network/Throughput – do you require a great deal of throughput? Does your use case require constant and immediate access to the data in question?
  • Security – Should data be encrypted? Do you wish to restrict access to a specific IP or IP range? What traffic do you wish to allow?
  • Type of High Availability - Will  Will you be leveraging SoftNAS' standard SNAP HA functionality, or is this an object storage configuration for which Dual Controller HA is the best option? See AWS Getting Started: Choosing your HA Solution for more information. a stand-alone deployment?

In order to assist you during the creation of the POC, we will be providing information on the key considerations listed above as they arise in the creation process.