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SoftNAS Cloud® 4.2.3 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes.

Fixed in 4.2.3

AWS S3 bucket and IAM token issue -  During the week of March 25th, AWS made a change to the IAM token length, which impacted SoftNAS' StorageCenter's  ability to authenticate to S3 via IAM roles. This issue did not impact customers currently actively running S3 buckets, but any access requiring IAM authentication from StorageCenter would fail, including creation of new S3 buckets and other actions, such as SoftNAS upgrades, S3 storage migration, and reboots of the SoftNAS instance. This issue is resolved in this 4.2.3 release, and upgrades are now available. SoftNAS recommends that all AWS customers upgrade as soon as possible. New 4.2.3 AWS Marketplace AMIs will be available within 2 weeks.