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The three most import things to look for when you notice that your SoftNAS appliance is performing poorly or unresponsive are:

  1.  MEMORY  MEMORY (RAM) :- A system can go out of memory or even swap if there are a lot of read/write operations going on at the same time requiring extra CPU and RAM to process

  2. CPU :- As we know the CPU is the heart of the system, when it is over utilized it can cause so many problems that are but not limited to system lockups, Slow response time or even system crash etc.

  3. PROCESSES: Sometimes Linux processes can go rogue, consuming a noticeable amount of resources hence staving other processes to function properly.


  • uptime :- This will tell us the current load on the system

  • htop :- This command will give you graphical like representation of the resources that are taking up more CPU and MEMORY. It also give you Memory, swap usage and load average. Please refer to    figure 1 below for example:
  • ps --forest -eo user,pid,ppid,%cpu,cmd : - This command will give us a breakdown of the processes that are utilizing more memory and CPU along with their child processes. It should make it easier    to kill them should in case you need to
  • ps aux --sort -rss | head -n 20 :- will also give you the list of the first 20 processes that are consuming more CPU and RAM




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