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Save the SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® for VMware vSphere OVA file to a computer from the email received after product registration. This version of SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® is delivered as an OVA virtual machine appliance file for VMware vSphere related virtual machine environments. This OVA has been tested and certified for use with VMware vSphere.


  1. Start vSphere Client installed on a computer within the virtual network.

  2. Provide the host IP login credentials to access SoftNAS Virtual Storage Appliance installed on the local host server.
    Select the SoftNAS VM.

  3. Install the OVA software appliance using VMware vSphere Client and follow the on-screen instructions.
    1. In the VMware vSphere Client, select File > Deploy OVF Template and enter the path or navigate to the OVA file on the local system.
    2. Follow the prompts in the Deploy OVF Template wizard to create the SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® Virtual Storage Appliance as a VM on the local host.
    3. If prompted to choose the operating system, select 64-bit Linux CentOS 4/5/6 (64-bit) and Thin Provisioned. The VM will consume approximately 30GB of disk space.
  4. Power On the VM and Open Console
  5. Click the SoftNAS Admin option to begin the login process. 
  6. The SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® Login screen will be displayed,. 

  7. If the administrator password has not been changed yet, enter the default password Pass4W0rd (with a zero), in the Password text entry box. Click Log In.

  8. The SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® VM's desktop will be displayed. 

  9. Open Terminal from the SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® VM desktop to find or verify the IP address required for access to SoftNAS StorageCenter.
    From the SoftNAS Cloud® SoftNAS® VM desktop, either access the SoftNAS Storage Administration or Terminal to configure network settings.