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  1. If creating a new security group for your instance, select the Create a new security group radio button.
  2. To create a custom configuration, simply click Add Rule, and select the desired protocol, the desired port, and for improved security, place a limit on the accepted source IP.
  3. To select an existing security group configuration, click the Select an existing security group radio button, and select the desired option from the dropdown that appears.

Creating a Key Pair

A Key Pair is a pair of security credentials associated with this Instance; the Public Key and the Private Key.The Create Key Pair section of the wizard will be displayed. In this step, create a public/private key pair used with SSH to access and administer the SoftNAS Cloud® instance in the cloud.

The Key Pair helps to securely connect to an instance when it is launched. Either choose from existing key pairs that have been created in the current region or create a new key pair. In the above example, the option Choose from existing Key Pairs is selected.

If choosing from existing key pairs, simply select from the available options under

If creating a key pair, simply select said option from the top dropdown.