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How To Migrate SoftNAS Cloud® Instances

New in 3.7

Introducing SoftNAS Cloud® FlexTiers™

With the FlexTiers™ feature of SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise, you can define policies to create auto-tiered storage, automatically keeping the most recently accessed data on higher performance storage while older data can be aged and moved to less expensive, lower performance storage. 

Note: For version 3.7, FlexTiers FlexTiers™ does not support iSCSI deployments. 

Note: For version 3.7, the FlexTiers™ user interface supports the configuration of up to 4 tiers.  SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise includes ongoing entitlement of a minimum of 2 tiers, but SoftNAS reserves the right to reduce the number of entitled tiers to less than 4 in future releases.

Note: For version 3.7, FlexTiers™ only supports storage tiers residing in the same cloud.  Configuration of tiers that span multiple clouds is not supported. 

Veeam Backup Improvements - In a joint technology partnership, SoftNAS® has worked to deliver ground-breaking performance for Veeam, including Veeam’s full and synthetic full cloud-backup jobs using SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials. SoftNAS® and Veeam customers now have access to the most cost-effective, multi-cloud storage options, while simultaneously improving RTPO (recovery time and point objectives) for data archival, backup and storage jobs. Enterprises can deploy SoftNAS Cloud® flexibly, either on-premises running in a VMware VM or on AWS and Azure clouds.