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Features and Benefits

SoftNAS® is available in the cloud for Amazon Web Services and Azure platforms, and as an on-premise solution for VMware. Each platform offers the following features and benefits: 

  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Industry-standard file-sharing protocols including iSCSI, NFS and CIFS
  • High-performance, multi-tier caching (RAM and SSD)
  • Scheduled snapshots via copy-on-write filesystem (ZFS)
  • Thin provisioning
  • Block replication through patent-pending SnapReplicate technology
  • Data integrity through built-in error detection and correction
  • Software and hardware RAID support


SoftNAS® is built on proven, industry-standard platforms like VMware, Linux and ZFS for a solid and reliable foundation.

    1. Rapid Recovery
    2. Data Integrity & Data Protection
    3. Error Detection & Correction
    4. Data is always safe, protected, and available

Robust Features

The commercial-grade feature set previously found only on cumbersome, expensive NAS appliances is now available as a robust software solution regardless of company size and budget.

Private HA with 100% Uptime SLA - highly available virtual IP addressing across AWS availability zones enabling failover of NAS services across zones within a VPC and delivering the only No Downtime

Guarantee SLA for AWS shared file storage. Azure HA provides the same No Downtime Guarantee SLA, provided your two nodes are within an Azure availability set.

Bumpless HA Failovers - NAS services fail over seamlessly across zones, providing uninterrupted CIFS and NFS client access to shared storage

Multi-tenant HA Reliability - detection, filtering and prevention of sporadic HA failovers due to noisy neighbors, zone stresses and sporadic network anomalies occurring infrequently within heavily loaded multi-tenant AWS zones or Azure availability sets.

Secure VPC Networking - secure NAS storage access routing within VPCs with complex routing tables and subnets

High-performance, highly-durable S3 Cloud Disks - RAM write-cache with transactional integrity providing up to hundreds of MB/second throughput with high durability, even in the face of disruptions and instance failures.

High-performance, highly durable Cloud Disks leveraging Azure Blob Storage - On Azure SoftNAS instances, the same RAM write-cache and transactional integrity is provided as for S3 and other Cloud Disk providers. With Azure Blob support, storage is no longer tied to the size of the Azure VM size selected. SoftNAS can leverage up to 16 Petabytes of Azure Blob Storage through multiple blob storage accounts (500 terabytes per storage account).

Hot and Cool Azure Blob Storage Support - Azure blob storage accounts are set as either hot or cool storage upon creation. Storage added via these storage accounts is either hot or cool based on the account used. Buurst's SoftNAS product fully supports and provisions each type, ensuring you get the type of storage you need.

    1. Azure Cool Storage - Object storage that allows economical safe-keeping of less frequently accessed file data.
    2. Azure Hot Storage - Object storage that optimizes frequently accessed stored data to enable continuous IO.

IAM Role-based Security - Use of IAM roles provide least privilege access control and management, without use of access keys for HA setup and S3 cloud disks

Azure RBAC support - Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enables fine-grained access management for Azure. Using RBAC, you can grant only the amount of access that users need to perform their jobs.

360-degree encryption - supports encryption in flight and at rest to meet security and regulatory requirements

DeltaSync™ – Reduces the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) from days to hours for cluster recovery from a high-availability (HA) failover event.

Lowest Cost

SoftNAS® is the lowest-cost, most flexible NAS software solution, affordable enough for any small- to medium-sized business, and still powerful enough to scale to enterprise level.

No Training Needed

Buurst's SoftNAS makes it easy to get started without time-consuming, expensive training courses. Knowledge base and helpdesk resources are available from the day of download.

High Performance

Improving any organization's productivity and streamlining business-critical requirements with:

    1. Up to 10,000 IOPS on Amazon EC2
    2. 10,000's IOPS on VMware with SSD caching
    3. Multiple layers of read and write caching
    4. High-performance capabilities make applications run at top speeds

Easy to Implement

Zero to NAS in record time.

    1. Operate with existing and off-the-shelf server hardware with affordable, commodity disk drives
    2. Re-use existing server hardware
    3. Quickly download and install SoftNAS® to rapidly create a full-featured NAS.
    4. Use existing equipment or run a NAS through the cloud with:
      • Amazon EC2
      • Microsoft Azure
      • VMware vSphere