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Note: SoftNAS® UltraFast™ is a part of our legacy SoftNAS Platinum offering. It will not be visible in versions above 4.4.1 of our SoftNAS product, and is included here for legacy purposes.

Configuring UltraFast™ to speed up your network can contribute greatly to your organization's success, but the solution is far from complete if you cannot choose when to leverage your full bandwidth potential for a given task/scenario. UltraFast™ not only offers the best in bandwidth and throughput optimization but also allows your organization to decide when to apply optimum throughput and when to place limitations. With a fully configurable schedule, and the ability to set bandwidth limitations, UltraFast™ allows you to meet your organizations specific requirements with ease.

Creating Bandwidth Throttling Schedules

To set up scheduled bandwidth throttling, open the UltraFast™ Storage Accelerator tab from the Storage Administration panel.

Open the Scheduling pane, and Click Create to set up your schedule.

In the Scheduling pane, you can specify the schedule name, default maximum bandwidth, and bandwidth for each specific hour of the day.

Select the hours of a given day or week that you wish to regulate bandwidth for, either by clicking and dragging across a range, or selecting individual cells. Type the limit you wish to set, and click Set to apply the change.

The remaining hours of the day or week, for which no bandwidth limit is set, will default to the Maximum Bandwidth setting. 

Changing Time Zone

By default, the time zone upon which the schedules are based will be set to CDT (or UDT - 5). If you need to change the time zone of your instance, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Storage Administration pane, and expand Settings. Select System Time.

  2. Here you can set a custom system time, change the time zone, or select time servers with which to synchronize your SoftNAS instance. Select Change timezone

  3. Scroll through the list of time zones, and select the desired option. Click Save.

  4. Upon return to the Scheduling tab of Ultrafast Storage Accelerator you may notice that the time zone does not yet reflect the change made. The time zone change will not immediately be applied, but is rather applied at the next scheduled synchronization to the current timeserver. If you wish the change to apply immediately, you will need to manually sync to the time server. Click the next tab over, labelled Time server sync.

  5. Here you can set a new timeserver, or set a schedule for synchronization. If you'd like to keep the same settings, just hit Sync and apply, and your changes will be applied.

  6. Refresh your browser, and return to Ultrafast™ Storage Accelerator and the Scheduling Tab. The time zone should now be changed to the desired selection.