Recommended minimum system requirements

No. of vCPU – 4

Memory – 16 GB

Storage – 250 GB

Operating System – RHEL-8.4

For new installations, a fresh RHEL-8.4 OS is required for the RHEL SoftNAS Installer to successfully complete.

Steps to install SoftNAS 5.2.0 on RHEL-8.4

  • Register your RHEL system with your RHEL subscription using command below:

subscription-manager register --username X --password X --auto-attach

Users will need to provide their RedHat username and password.

  • You need to be either logged into the root account or use the sudo command to install SoftNAS on RHEL.

  • On the Azure platform – RHEL system, run the following commands to resize the filesystem

sudo lvresize -r -L +15G /dev/mapper/rootvg-rootlv

sudo lvresize -r -L +2G /dev/mapper/rootvg-tmplv

In case of AWS or VMware platform, the above commands do not need to be executed.

  1. Now run the following commands on your RHEL system to run the installation script:

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# INSTALL_SCRIPT=

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# wget -O /tmp/ ${INSTALL_SCRIPT}

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# chmod +x  /tmp/

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# /tmp/


    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# /tmp/

  2. The above script should complete successfully, and the instance will be rebooted at the end of the script execution. After that you should be able to access SoftNAS over the browser using the instance IP address.

  3. For testing purposes, in the case that the SoftNAS instance is going to be destroyed, then the RHEL subscription needs to be unregistered and removed using below commands:

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# subscription-manager remove --all

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# subscription-manager unregister

    [root@ip-10-0-1-100 ec2-user]# subscription-manager clean

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