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Azure Virtual Machines 


Microsoft Azure provides computing virtual machines running on the XenSource hypervisor. Each instance is a unique copy of a virtual machine image. There are over 200 possible combinations of the Azure virtual machine. When choosing a virtual machine type for production deployment, give careful consideration to the overall storage demand and best practices for performance. 
The top two things to consider are IOPS and Throughput. SoftNAS Cloud® specific configurations to consider are the use of Deduplication and/or Compression.

General Instance Type Recommendations

SoftNAS® offers the broadest range of instance sizes and region availability on Microsoft Azure™. It’s important to select the right instance size to configure a storage solution that is the right combination of performance and price for your use case. General guidance and a guide tool are provided to help you select the virtual machine size for your workload to get your project started. Our instance size calculation tool is available directly on our main website:

The above tool is designed to help new users find the right initial instance size for their workload quickly and easily. SoftNAS always recommends further analysis and testing of their selected instance until workload characteristics are fully understood. This will allow the customer to then refine their instance size selection to the perfect balance of performance and cost.

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