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System Requirements for SoftNAS SNAP HA™ Installation


If you have already created the VPCs that are to be made highly available, then skip the Amazon Web Services VPC section in favor of the chapters for Virtual IP Setup, or Elastic IP, depending on the setup desired. Virtual IP Setup is our strong best practice recommendation.


If you already have created your administrative account (optional) and Service Principal, you can skip the Adding Administrative Accounts section in favor of Managing Network Settings

The following requirements must be met for a successful SNAP HA™ install:

Software Requirements

  • The SnapReplicate™ feature must be enabled.

Supported Platforms

SNAP HA™ can be enabled on the following platforms:

Adding HA pairings to Active Directory

The process for joining your HA pairing to Active Directory can be found in the SoftNAS Installation Guide: Active Directory Configuration. If connecting SoftNAS instances in a High Availability pairing to Active Directory, it is very important that the process is performed twice, once on each node. Active Directory configurations do not carry over to the second node automatically because the target node's NAS services (amongst others) are not running while the node is dormant. Settings cannot be automatically triggered upon takeover. In order for the second instance to remain in Active Directory after a failover the second node must be added as well.