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You would like to switch to a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) pricing model, rather than the current AWS Marketplace model. However, just switching out licenses will not work. 


This article outlines the steps required to migrate your existing data from AWS Marketplace to a BYOL instance. 


Unfortunately, there is no direct method for this migration, in another words: you can not apply your BYOL to the MarketPlace. The only way to switch pricing models is to migrate to a new BYOL instance.

The following steps summarize how to migrate your instance:

  1. Launch a new instance of the same type from Community AMI rather than the Marketplace. Be sure it is a BYOLinstance, and is placed in the same Region as your current instance.
    1. Log into the AWS console.
    2. Select EC2 to enter the EC2 dashboard
    3. Click Launch Instance. 
    4. Select Community AMIs, type SoftNAS in the search bar, and select an instance of the same type as the current one.

    5. Create your instance. 

  2. Follow the instructions in the KB article below to complete the Migration process:

    Migrate Softnas on AWS  from VPC to VPC within a region

  3. To apply your BYOL license to the new instance, follow the instructions within the Installation Guide, linked below:
    Activating SoftNAS Licenses

  4. Stop the old instance, and assign the IP of the old instance to the new one, or alternatively, instruct your clients to use the IP of the new instance. In either case, downtime will be required.

Additional Info: 

Outage required: (if applicable)

Yes, an outage is required. 

Length of Outage:(if applicable)

Short Outage - 5 minutes to shut down old instance and set the IP on the new Instance. Communicate time of change to clientele in order to prepare them for the maintenance window