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SoftNAS appliances have a Console for VMware vSphere.

  1. Log into vSphere Client.
  2. On the Home Page, double click the Host and Clusters option under the Inventory section.


    All Hosts and Clusters will be displayed. 

  3. Right click on the SoftNAS VM and select Open Console option. 

    The console of the selected VM will be displayed. 

    Note: Check the status of VM on the console. If it is off, power it on.

  4. Right click on the SoftNAS VM and select the Power On option. 

    The Console with the new configuration screen will be displayed. 

  5. The Console has 3 options: 

    1. Customize System - To Customize the system, press the F2 function key on the keyboard. 

      Enter an authorized login name and password for the logged in VM.

    2. Use the login id as root in the Login text entry box. 
    3. Enter the root password as Pass4W0rd in the Password text entry box (change the root password using the console). 
      Press the Enter key on the keyboard to log in.

  6. The System Customization screen will be displayed. 
    1. Run Desktop - To run the desktop, press the F8 function key on the keyboard.
    2. Shutdown/Restart - To shutdown or restart the system, press the F12 key on the keyboard.