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In Amazon Web Services, it is possible to set up Consistent Backup and Restore. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In order to configure consistent backup and restore within SoftNAS StorageCenter, navigate down to Settings in the left Storage Administrator pane, and select Administrator.

  2. The Administrator panel will open. Within the panel, select the Backup/Restore tab.

  3. In the Backup/Restore Tab, select Create.

  4. A dialog box will appear center screen, requesting verification via your AWS credentials. Enter your credentials. Click Create when done.

  5. A progress bar will appear, notifying you when this step is complete. The backup will be created, defaulting to a name of "DemoPool".

  6. Next, open the AWS console, and go to Snapshots under Elastic Blockstore in the left Administration pane.

  7. Confirm that your snapshot has been (or is being) created within the AWS Console.

  8. Once complete, you have set up Consistent Backup and Restore for AWS.