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SnapReplicate and SNAP HA provide high availability to protect our customer's data, but are not a substitute for a good backup solution. All customers must use some means of backing up their files.  SoftNAS storage snapshots and HA are not a substitute for proper file backup hygiene.  We routinely ask our customers if they have “file backup” procedures in place and advise them to do so.  There are many different backup tools available today for the cloud in the marketplaces and elsewhere. There is no excuse for not having file level and/or disk level backups.  Backups should be stored within a different, protected account (not the same cloud account), for the reasons mentioned in the “Protected DR Node” above).   

SoftNAS Recommended Best Practices for Maximum Data Protection

SoftNAS offers many features to protect and provide redundancy for your data, including but not limited to SnapReplicate, SNAP HA, and Snapshots. These are not intended as a replacement to a good backup solution, but are rather designed to further protect your data. For more information about SoftNAS' Snapshot feature, see below:

Snapshots in StorageCenter

Managing Snapshots

SoftNAS® (Essentials or Enterprise) can also be used to provide the required storage for a third party backup solution, ensuring data is archived safely on the cloud or on-premise as required. SoftNAS has recently added enhancements to our product to better meet the requirements of third party backup solutions, notably Veeam. Always consult third party solution documentation for best practice information specific to their solution.