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 Associate or dissociate an elastic IP address with an instance. 

Associating an Address

  1. On the Elastic IP addresses page, select the address to be associated with an instance.

  2. Under Actions, click Associate Address

  3. The Associate Address dialog will be displayed. 

  4. Select the instance to be associated from the Instance drop down list.

  5. Click Associate

The elastic IP address is now associated with your SoftNAS® VMs.

Disassociate Address

Similarly, it is possible to dissociate an address from the associated instance.

  1. Select the elastic IP address to be dissociated from the instance.
  2. Click Dissociate Address.
    The Dissociate Address message box asking for confirmation of the dissociation of address with the specific instance will be displayed.
  3. Click Yes, Disassociate.
    The selected address will be dissociated from the instance.