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SoftNAS® leverages object-based scalable Azure blob object storage to present NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI or AFP file sharing protocols for enterprise workloads. SoftNAS® allows easy workload migrations to the Azure cloud without changing existing application data structures or workflows. Offering support for both Hot and Cool Azure blob storage accounts ensures that whether you are looking for inexpensive, low performance, large scale storage for infrequently accessed archive files, or performance-optimized application ready storage, SoftNAS has you covered.

Azure supports up to 500 Terabytes of storage per Azure Blob Storage Account. Extend your capacity up to 16 petabytes by leveraging multiple storage accounts. The following menu is available if you select Azure Blob from Add Device.

Enter Storage Account

Enter the name of your Azure Blob Storage Account. If you have not yet created one, your blob storage account can be created in Storage Accounts in the Azure Portal.

Enter Access Key 

Enter the Access Key for your blob storage account. Your Access Key can be found in the Azure Portal by opening the desired storage account, and selecting Access Keys.

Provide Container Basename

Enter a basename for the blob storage container. This basename will be used to auto-generate the name of the container which is created when adding blob storage. It is best practice to add references to the type of storage selected within the name of your storage container to ensure you do not mix storage types in your pools and volumes.

Container Name

This displays the automatically generated container name derived from the container basename. This name is editable, but you must ensure that any name created is unique.

Select Disk Size

Select the size of the disk you wish to create, up to 500 Terabytes (TB). You can create several disks from the same storage account, provided you do not exceed the storage account limit (though only one at a time). You can also leverage the entire storage account by creating a disk of 500 TB.

It is possible to leverage several storage accounts to stretch the storage capacity within the same SoftNAS instance to create a large pool or volume of up to 16 petabytes.

Disk Encryption

Your SoftNAS instance makes it possible to leverage disk encryption. Provide a password, and confirm your selection. This will encrypt the data on your disk, but will allow you access via the password provided.