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Navigate to the SoftNAS Cloud® instance. Click Settings. In the Settings blade, select Disks.

In the Disks blade, select Add Data Disk.

You will be taken to the Attach unmanaged disk blade.

  1. Provide a name for the disk.

    Note: Retaining the default Disk File Name is possible.

  2. Select the source type as new disk. (You can select Existing blob if you have an existing disk.)
  3. Specify the account type, Standard (HDD), or Premium (SSD).
  4. Specify the size of the disk – if Standard, this can be any number you like. If Premium, the disk size must match the available SSD disk sizes: 128 GB, 512GB, and 1024GB.
  5. Next you will need to select a storage container or create one – if you have an existing container, provide the info in the box provided. If creating one, or if you need to find the existing container, select Browse.

    1. If searching for an existing container, select the storage account it resides under. If creating one, select the storage account you wish the container to be under. Create one if necessary.

    2. Once the storage container is selected (or created, then selected), then select the container from the available options, or create one. Click +Container to create one.
    3. Provide a name for the container if a new one is being created, and determine access type. By default, access is private. Use Blob for public read access, and Container for public read and list access.  Click Create.

    4. Select the container, created or existing.

  6. Provide an alternate name for the vhd, if you so choose. Again, the default is acceptable.
  7. Click OK, and the disk will be added. 

Now you can create pools and volumes. This process is identical across Cloud platforms.