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Navigating to StorageCenter

Follow the instructions to set up and configure SoftNAS StorageCenter for the chosen environment. Navigate to the IP address shown in the UI by platform, on the browser of your choice. The browsers tested and supported by SoftNAS include: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Generally, a privacy error warning due to a self-signed SSH certificate will pop up. Bypass this for now, and update this certificate at the earliest convenience.

Logging In

Upon the first access of StorageCenter administration interface, a prompt will require login with administrator credentials, as shown below. The default username is softnas, and the default passwords for each platform are listed below.

Changing Default Passwords

  • Note the zero in Pass4W0rd. 

To prevent brute force entry, after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in, Recaptcha will prompt the user to perform an additional action in order to continue attempting new passwords.

Logging Out

To log out, click on the Log Out icon in the main menu.

Session Timeout and Auto Logoff

After a default 15 minutes of inactivity, StorageCenter will automatically log out of idle sessions. After a session timeout, the web browser will provide a hyperlink with which to log back in.
Click on the link to return to the login screen and continue with the StorageCenter login process.

The StorageCenter Timeout setting can be changed on the General Settings tab in the Administrative section under Settings.