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Within AWS GovCloud, there is no access to the AWS Marketplace. How then do you get access to SoftNAS AMIs? SoftNAS has made two SoftNAS VMs public, to make them easily accessible from within GovCloud.


This article provides a step by step guide to accessing your SoftNAS AMIs via CloudGov.


Log into your AWS GovCloud console. (or register for a GovCloud account if you have not yet).

Select EC2  to open the EC2 Console. 

Select Instances. Those coming from a standard AWS account will note that the console layout is very familiar. Select Launch Instance

Those coming from a standard AWS account will note that the steps and the console thus far are very familiar. However, you will see one key difference here; there is no AWS Marketplace accessible from within GovCloud. Instead, select Community AMIs. Type 'SoftNAS' in the search field to bring up the available public images.

Launch your AMI by clicking 'Select' on the desired AMI.

Alternatively, you can access your SoftNAS AMI by going to Instances, and selecting AMIs. Change the view to Public Images in the AMI Panel, then type in softnas to search the list.

Select the SoftNAS AMI you wish to deploy. Click Launch.