To connect your on-premise Veeam backup solution to the Essentials cloud repository, you must first create a VPN to connect your on-premise Veeam Backup to the AWS Cloud.

From there, simply add the SoftNAS instance's public IP and allow access to its NFS and SSH port from within the Veeam console. To do this, follow the below instructions:

  1. Select New Backup Repository, and provide a name and description.

  2. Select Linux Server.

  3. Provide the public IP address of the Essentials instance.

  4. Provide your SSH credentials.

  5. Select the server backing your Repository.

  6. Enter the path to the folder where the backup files will be stored.

  7. Specify the server to which you will mount backups to for file level restores.

  8. Review your selections.

    9. Click Apply, and your on-premise Veeam backup will be connected.